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This expert branding platform Action Plan is done with my paid coaching clients and students. Now I have recreated it from coaching into an action guide.

It's a gift for you.

I know how important it is to start building your platform.
So I want you to start building yours now!

That's why I am paying this for you...

The Complete branding You've Always Dreamed Of!

People Google you before meeting you.

They will judge you even before they met you.

Have you created a platform that can excite them?

A platform that makes them eager to meet you?

Use this Action Plan to build yours now.
Just let me know where to send the infomation!
We respect your privacy and take pride protecting it.
You Are Not As Good As You Think, You Are Better!
We believe You have great potential which are not discover.

we help you to identify & express it to the world.

we know you want to be recognize.


Nobody care what you say if you are not an expert.
Brand yourself as an expert will make you an influencer.
"People buy from expert.
People talks about expert.
& Media loves expert."

"Interview will come.
Other experts want to work with you.
Your network will grow big, grow fast, grow easy."

The most powerful branding is to demonstrate your unique points & value.
How do you expert brand yourself? Read on...
Do you think personal branding is self-created and only about self-promoting? Or you think your brand is not worth to be assess? You got to find out the truth about personal branding before you start building yours.

You are not good, You are better! You are already an expert, only that you did not recognize it. Expert branding is what you need to stand out from the crowd. Learn what expert branding is all about...

Serious to take your business to the next height? An expert branding platform allow people to hear your message, accept your expertise and gives you the authority to influence.
See what more can you get from building your expert platform.

Our Story
Zayne & Rachie are both serial entrepreneur, expert branding strategist, blogger and published author.

They help to strategize & build your branding platform. Building a correct brand platform can increase you & your business value.
Author, Serial Entreprenuer, Expert Branding Strategist.
Author, Serial Entreprenuer, Expert Branding Strategist.
What Others Says About Us
“After having my brand message and implementing my new branding strategies, I’m getting more customers and lesser inquiry email for my business. Thanks to Rachie & Zayne.”

Danielle Mochrie
Health & Lifestyle Coach
“The coaching helps me identify what I am capable of and better understanding of myself, how I can sell my own strength to my employers. Before that I was struggling to get a satisfying job. Now after working with Zayne & Rachie, I’ve learned to market myself and got into my dream job. Thank you!”

Michael Scott
IT Specialist
“Thanks Zayne & Rachie for the coaching. With their help now my business are more systemized. I love the testimonial system strategy! They played an inspiring role in helping me to displaying my business USP. “

John Lee
Retail Business Owner
“Being a trainer and speaker for 15 years, I had been spending much effort on marketing myself until a friend of mine introduce Zayne to me. I never thought self-publishing is possible. Thanks to him, I am publishing my first book!”

Smith Wright
Sales Trainer/Speaker

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